Our Briquettes are manufactured from 100% virgin timber and compressed into briquettes without the use of additives. Due the very low moisture content of less than 10% this product burns at a very high temperature offering a highly efficient alternative to our kiln dried logs. All our Wood Briquette products are delivered Free of Charge. Please check our Firewood Delivery page before ordering.

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Add a Firestarter pack for only £10 for 1 or £18 for two

Our Firestarter pack consists of:

2 x 2.5 kg bags Kiln Dried Kindling and
2 x Packs (24 per pack) of Eco Friendly Firelighters.

Unfortunately these products cannot be ordered by themselves.

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Ultimate Bark Briquettes 1 Full Pallet 1080kg


Bark Briquettes (84 packs of 12 = 1008 Briquettes)

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Ultimate Bark Briquettes ½ Pallet 504kg


Ultimate Bark Briquettes ½ Pallet (42 packs of 12 = 504 Briquettes)

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Wood Briquettes 1 Pallet 960kg


1 Full Pallet of Wood Briquettes (96 x 10kg cellophane wrapped packs)

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Wood Briquettes ½ Pallet 480kg


(48 x 10kg cellophane wrapped packs)

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