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We are an independent wood fuel supplier to both domestic and wholesale markets. The Real Firewood Company was born out of 30 years in the forest industry with a recognition that the market lacked reliable suppliers of firewood that could be delivered promptly, delivered ready to burn and be delivered in a tidy fashion. Most firewood is delivered unseasoned or at best, partially seasoned, takes weeks to deliver after ordering and is usually tipped on your driveway with other debris and often mixed with inferior softwood.

Our ethos is simple, we want to offer you a product and service that is value for money.

The Real Firewood Company can offer you a full range of wood fuel products. We believe our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are the best value product for our customers.

Many of our competitors sell seasoned or fresh cut logs neither of which compare to kiln dried logs for heat output.

To complement our Real Firewood Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs we sell Wood Briquettes which are compressed hardwood and softwood sawdust briquettes, manufactured without additives. These are of an even lower moisture content and denser than logs therefore burn at a higher temperature. Ideal for chimnea’s and pizza ovens as well as your stove or fire.

To satisfy the growing wood pellet market we also sell Wood Pellets. These are 6 – 8mm long pellets, pre packed in 15kg bags delivered to you either by full pallet, half pallet or in bulk.

All our products are sourced from well managed sustainable forests.


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