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Why should I buy from The Real Firewood Company ?

As one of the UK’s pioneers and largest suppliers of Kiln Dried Firewood we have learnt what exactly constitutes ” Top Quality Kiln Dried Logs”. Over the last 6 years we have constantly looked for ways of improving the service and the product for our customer. We now genuinely believe that we provide to our customers the best service and kiln dried logs available in the UK.

Why buy Kiln Dried Firewood ?

The drier the firewood the higher the temperature, thus seasoned, partially seasoned or green firewood burns at a correspondingly lower temperature than kiln dried.

The more moisture in the log the more likely you are to get tarring and flue problems. Most stove manufacturers recommend the burning of truly seasoned firewood or kiln dried firewood in their stoves.

Many people still believe that you buy firewood by weight, this is a huge mistake as by doing so you are paying for water which is considerably cheaper from your tap ! Only buy by volume.

What species are the logs?

The Real Firewood Company believes that the best firewood available in the UK is Ash, Oak and Birch, for that reason we only sell pure ash unless a customer specifically requests Oak or Birch. Many other companies will offer Kiln Dried Hardwood, beware, this usually means they are selling inferior hardwood species such as Alder, Aspen etc. Always ask what species they are.

How should I store my firewood ?

Your firewood should be kept with a waterproof cover to the top of the stack but with open sides and raised off the ground. Our 1m3,  & 2m3 pallets are ready made Log Stores requiring only a waterproof cover top the top – and they are FREE. Alternatively you can store your delivered fuelwood in a well ventilated shed or garage.

Do you take the old pallets away ?

Unfortunately we cannot uplift your old pallets, however, as these are made from untreated timber they make a great source of kindling for your next pallet of firewood.

Can you deliver at a weekend ?

Yes we can deliver on a Saturday, however there is a surcharge for this, phone our helpline if you require a Saturday delivery.

Need more advice ?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on any fuel wood issues, we are also happy to recommend suppliers and installers of stoves, fires and wood fired boilers. Feel free to email us by clicking here.

I am unhappy with the product or service I have received ?

Our aim is to be the best in the industry so we welcome all feedback and will go that extra mile to address any problems you may have.

I am a regular customer and wondered if you might give me discount for loyalty.

We appreciate all our customers and you should sign up for our newsletter which will outline all our special offers including loyalty discounts.

What size are you Pallets?

All our pallets sizes vary depending on volume, check out our products page to see the dimensions.