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Thank you for visiting The Real Firewood Company website. In developing this website we would like to give thanks and credit to the following people:

Chris Macvie – for developing our website.


Michael Schade – – for the ‘Brennholz’ image on the home page (bottom left).

Nurwan Budiman – – for the ‘Question Mark’ image on the FAQ page.

Nerlich Images – – for the ‘Contact Us’ image on the Contact page.

Agence DER – – for the ‘Woman on Phone’ image on the Contact page.

Kirsty Pargeter – – for the ‘Globe with Recycling Icon’ on this page.

SyB – – for the ‘Holzofen’ (wood burning stove) image on the home page.

kredo – – for the ‘Silver Birch’ image on the home page.

anna – – for the ‘friendly secretary/telephone operator’ image on all pages.


All product images by The Real Firewood Company.


The Real Firewood Company is proud to be a Carbon Neutral Company.